CAMP 2023

It's camp, but just for single Christians

August 16-20, 2023

Welcome to our first annual Adult Summer Camp presented by The Christian Singles Hub & SALT

Adult summer camp is all about having fun, bringing back that childlike wonder, meeting like-minded people, growing closer to Jesus, and sharing incredible experiences together.

It’s also about escaping from the day to day and our daily routines. Jesus often escaped to solitary places and if he did then we should too.

What you also get at every event is a wide range of activities, icebreakers, worship moments, challenges, and a whole ton of fun.

we build our experience to be inclusive of everyone, regardless of age. You participate at a level that works for you.

You will leave with a truly unforgettable experience.


At adult summer camp there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We run many camp activities, so you can sign up for whichever ones you want to try!

Take a hand at archery, or perhaps zipline, night hiking, climb the climbing tower, enter a dodgeball tournament, arts-&-crafts, diy, or kick back on a pool floatie and so much more!


  • Shared Accommodation:
    • All women rooms
    • All men rooms
    • 'Camp Bunks' (Share with up to 30 people)
    • Lodge rooms (Share with up to 8 people)
    • Multiple bathrooms throughout both Legacy Camp and Lodges
  • Arrival and Departure Times:
    • Arrival 6PM on Wednesday the 16th
    • Check out 10AM Sunday the 20th


  • What are sleeping arrangements like?

When you are ready to book your ticket we ask if you would like to stay in a bunk, or a queen or king bed. The bunks are very comfortable. Please note these are all shared accommodations. We try our best to put you with people who have a similar routine as you (bed early or bed late). We do our best to accommodate everyone so please reach out to us if you have any questions about bunking!

  • Do you cater for dietary needs?

Yes we do to an extent. We can cater for restrictions and most allergies, but the kitchen is not allergy certified so it is at your own risk. If you have extreme food dietary restrictions it may be safer to bring your own food. When you fill out the registration form please let us know what your restrictions are and we’ll make sure to take care of you.

  • What are the typical age ranges?

We are an inclusive event and all ages are welcome and this is our first ever Summer Camp, however, from previous retreats we have done in the past the ages have typically been between 28-45.

  • Is transportation included from the airport?

Unfortunately not! We will however loop all attendees into a private chat prior to the event so people can arrange carpools at their own discretion.

  • What are the age ranges?

If you’re at least 21 years old you’re a great age for camp. Being in an intergenerational community for

the weekend is one of our favorite parts of the

weekend. We are better together.

  • What if I don’t know anyone?

Great! All the more reason to come. We guarantee

you will meet so many great people over the


  • What if I need to cancel?

We are so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, we do

not offer refunds for cancellations due to having to

pay for your space in advance.

  • What should I bring?

Download your camp packing list here:

  • Can I come if I live in a different country?

Well we certainly would love for you to come. We are unable to work out visa issues for visitors from other countries, so if you can fly into the US then you can absolutely come.

CAMP 2023

Retreat with God

August 16-20, 2023



Located in South Huntsville, Alabama.

22 minutes from Huntsville Airport

1.5 hours from Birmingham Airport

2 hour drive from Nashville, TN

3.5 hour drive from Atlanta

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